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Captain Dmac Bio

Captain Dmac x Amadeus

"Captain Dmac big ol booty bts"



Captain Dmac x Jim Jones

Captain Dmac

Damion "Captain Dmac" McKenzie, is a 24 year old Rapper/Singer/Songwriter who has grown up in Bronx, New york. With all the trouble thats been happening in his life, he tried to find many ways to "heal" the negativity. One of which was music. The young aspiring mogul created his first song in May 2012 and was able to do his first live performance in Sullivan Hall NYC in early 2013. From there...lets just say that he never looked back. 




















Dmac released his first single in July of 2015, "Big Ol Booty". It has a southern party feel with heavy 808s. He Immediately aquired an immense amount of feedback with his captivating melody. Within a few months of the release of the Music video to "Big Ol Booty" (Directed by Nimi Hendrix) Captain Dmac started to go viral on Facebook & worldstar because of the line from the song "Stretching out her neck like an ostrich". This has caused comedians such as  "ReedoBrown" & "_Cornell_" to make instagram videos to the song. The meme throughout facebook and worldstar has generated over 6million views to date. This has caused Dmac's Big ol booty music video to skyrocket on Youtube & spotify to help build his fanbase. Big ol booty now has a combined number plays of 300,000 throughout spotify, youtube, and apple music.

In march of 2016, Dmac has recieved his first radio play ever in New York's station Power 105.1 by DJ Envy. The single big ol booty started to take off even more. 


Dmac knew that he couldnt stop there and focus on just one song, he has to keep working. He immediately hit the studio after his radio spin to cook up something new, while he was recording a new song with his engineer "CraigTheEngineer" He ran into Jim Jones.... or rather Jim jones ran into his session.






















In April of 2016, Dmac entered the "Sitdown" With Multi Platinum producer Amadeus (Also Musical director & Tour Drummer for Trey Songz). The Sitdown is where artist can showcase thier music to the super producer. Amadeus was pleased with the amazing talent that Dmac possesed. After his sitdown session was done, he had gained respect from Amadeus, but he wanted to see alot more from him. Right before Dmac was getting ready to leave the studio, there was a songwriting group called "invisible ink" that stopped him and allowed him to join thier session. This Sparked another co sign that allowed Dmac to stay in the loop with Amadeus & platinumboy music. Later that night he recieved a few beats to make songs to for other artist.
























In preporation of releasing a new single, Dmac has started writing atleast 1 song a day. He wanted to prove to everyone that he can continue to make melodic catchy songs & hooks without second guessing. In may of 2016, He started to circle around all of the singles he recorded up until that date. He wasnt sure if he should continue the party route or expand his brand to a different genre. On the train ride home from an Event, Dmac was listening to various beats until he came accross one that caught his attention - Produced by JCaspersen. This caused Dmac to write one of his most memorable songs to date "What You Think". Usually, Dmac would write a song and let it sit there for atleast a couple of months before release - but this song in particular he wanted to get out ASAP. Within a week of him recording it on his Macbook in his home. he started the promo run & release for his new single called "What You Think" July 1st 2016. This solitified Dmac's writing skills as an amazing songwriter & artist. Within the first week of "What You Think's" Release it has generated over 40k plays throughout soundcloud and spotify


During his journey he was able to meet with A&R's from Universal, Atlantic, Warner, and G-unit records. The one amazing single that caught their attentions was the song called "Sniving". He also managed to get 1 on 1 advice Dyme-A-Duzin (Brooklyn rapper under Atlantic Records) and $wagg (Chicago rapper).


Today, Captain Dmac continues to inspire others with his music. While being Inspired by others success. Captain Dmac is working on his upcoming project “No Remorse” Which will be released Early 2015. He has been in the studio every week to ensure that this next project makes a huge impact. Recording at Diamond Disctrict studios, Dmac works with Craig The Engineer to bring the best out of the music. He plans to take his music to the next level and have his voice heard.





























                Captain Dmac 

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